Watch the Final Super Smash Bros

Watch the Final Super Smash Bros

A new trailer for "Super Smash Bros".

Additionally, a featured song as well as an overview of the world map of the game are highlighted. Called World of Light, it's sending players on a journey alongside Kirby to save the rest of the fighters and Nintendo characters.

Incineroar, from Pokemon Sun and Moon, was the final character revealed. You will have a global smash power ranking for each player, with ones you haven't used yet assumed based on your other scores. Nintendo also revealed plans for a DLC Fighters Pass, bundling together five unannounced new challengers to be released by February 2020. The pass will cost £22.49/ €24.99, while those that put the money down will get a bonus Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Rex outfit for their Mii Fighter - making it a must buy for me.

To rescue them you have to win special fights that are themed around the character in question.

Yep, a Twitter user by the name of Benjamilgo has suggested a Fortnite reference in Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo is keeping most of the mode's details under wraps until SSBU launches on Nintendo Switch, though it seems to tie into the Spirits mode. You pick a main spirt and then they can have three additional spirits themselves - allowing a seemingly huge amount of customisation.

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Spirits have a rock, paper, scissors relationship with each other and can be levelled up, evolve into other forms, or combined to form an entirely new spirit - a bit like Shin Megami Tensei. After a pretty epic intro that shows off how Master Hand managed to create his evil army of Smash roster clones, the clip panned to several lovely looking world maps, stat screens and talent trees.

Some of the different battle options were discussed.