#RoyalBaby: Harry and Meghan's long list of baby names

#RoyalBaby: Harry and Meghan's long list of baby names

"The face you make when you and Duchess of Sussex Meghan have matching @serena blazers", she captioned a photo of Meghan.

The heartwarming scene has a touched a chord with thousands of people.

As scores of people in Australia line-up to get a glimpse of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle now touring the country, it's a five-year-old who has managed to steal all the attention.

Pupils from Trinity Grammar forgot to remind Prince Harry and Meghan about the loud noise generated by the miniature cars.

"She's attractive, she's ideal", Nomikos said afterwards.

Harry was so excited he agreed to take a picture of his wife with her little mini-me.

"Prince Harry just hugged me", an overwhelmed Brown, who was shaking and crying, said.

The Duchess has also previously shared her fondness for Williams, saying they "hit it off immediately" during their first encounter.

Schoolgirls Jasmine and Lily got up at 5am to get their prime position and shook hands with the duchess, drawing her over with their homemade sign.

But Meghan, who is four months pregnant, joined in with a handball, appearing quite natural even though she wasn't dressed for sport in towering Manolo Blahnik stilettos.

The beach visit was the last stop in Melbourne for the royal couple, who then jetted back to Sydney. They are expecting a baby in the spring.

Hearing the Duke of Sussex navigate how to talk about the pregnancy in the spotlight on the fly was - this may not surprise - instantly endearing to royal fans watching online.

Daily Mail Royal Correspondent Rebecca English reported that the banana bread featured ginger and chocolate chips, which sounds delicious - but no word on whether the recipe in question originally featured on Meghan's now-defunct blog The Tig (RIP).