Gazans breach border, Israel slashes fuel ‘until violence stops’

Gazans breach border, Israel slashes fuel ‘until violence stops’

Chanting anti-Israeli slogans, the Palestinian protesters burned tries, released dozens of arson balloons into Israel, cut the barbed wire of the border fence, and clashed with Israeli soldiers, eyewitnesses said. According to the Israeli military, all of the terrorists were killed.

Hamas, the de facto governing authority in the Gaza strip, has orchestrated near-weekly protests along the border, pressing for an end to a stifling Israel-Egyptian blockade.

Stone-throwing incidents implicating Israeli settlers have risen of late, the Palestinian security sources added.

"The strength of will and the determination of our people in the March of Return will lead to victory over the crimes of the occupation", he said while attending funerals for those killed in Friday's violent riots. It comes as six Palestinians were reportedly killed in clashes on Friday.

The assailants subsequently approached an Israeli border post and were shot, the statement said.

A wave of mainly lone-wolf Palestinian attacks against Israelis in the West Bank erupted in 2015 but had largely abated.

Afifi Mahmoud Afifi, 18, was shot dead by Israeli soldiers in eastern Gaza city close to the border during an anti-Israeli demonstration, Al-Qedra added. One Israeli soldier was killed.

Tensions have been running high near the fence since March 30, which marked the start of a series of protests dubbed "The Great March of Return".

The Israeli military said that the demonstrators, numbering around 14,000, had been "hurling rocks, explosive devices, fire bombs and grenades" at Israeli troops and at the fence.

Although the fuel was aimed at making the situation better in Gaza- where residents are now only receiving around four hours of electricity per day on average - the Qatar-bought delivery was protested by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, as it was arranged with Hamas rather than his government.

Israel has seen thousands of liters of Qatari-bought fuel trucked into Gaza daily to boost the impoverished territory's electricity supply, after a deal, brokered by the United Nations and backed by the United States, was reached earlier this week.

The Israeli soldiers stationed on the border fired tear gas and even opened live fire at the Palestinian protesters.