OnePlus and T-Mobile reportedly shacking up for launch of OnePlus 6T

OnePlus and T-Mobile reportedly shacking up for launch of OnePlus 6T

The darling smartphone startup will reportedly launch its next smartphone, tentatively dubbed the "OnePlus 6T", with T-Mobile as its exclusive USA carrier partner in October, according to CNET. The upgraded smartphone is said to be announced in October or early November, and you will be able to purchase the phone from T-Mobile in the United States.

The next OnePlus flagship smartphone will launch on T-Mobile here in the addition to its normal global launch, CNET says.

We reached out to OnePlus regarding the news, and the company had no statement to offer at this time.

Aside from the anticipation, According to CNET, OnePlus is still in the middle of the "technically approval" process with T-Mobile, which means the deal is not finalized yet, but if it does, it could be a major step forward for OnePlus's attempts to break into the mainstream U.S. market. CNET reports that the third-largest network operator in the country will start selling the OnePlus 6 successor this October, shortly following the official announcement of the device. As of now, we know that OnePlus hasn't officially joined hands with T-Mobile as it will have to qualify its testing phase only after which, OnePlus will get a technical approval and a space on T-Mobile's stores and websites that will boost the sales of OnePlus smartphones in the USA market, something many companies such as Huawei have been trying to achieve for years now. When the phone does come out, rumors suggest it will cost $550.

This is a big step for OnePlus, to be sold under a USA carrier, and shows the progress the company has made in the short time it has been around. And it now looks like the first carrier partnership will be with T-Mobile.

Unfortunately the newest report did not detail any specific features the OnePlus 6T will bring when it arrives later this year. Now we know that those discussions were with T-Mobile and - so far, anyway - the discussions were successful.

And because OnePlus usually improves the design of the T models, we might see a smaller notch. The OnePlus 6 was launched around three months ago in May. Finally, OnePlus could also increase the battery size, and add even faster charging support that could be called "Warp Charge".