Ben Stokes trial: soldier grabbed metal bar after knockout punch

Ben Stokes trial: soldier grabbed metal bar after knockout punch

The England cricketer knocked out Ryan Ali with one punch while the firefighter appeared to be backing away from a confrontation, a jury at Bristol crown court was told.

File image of Ben Stokes.

Stokes is facing a charge of affray over a violent incident, which took place in the early hours of September 25 outside a club in Bristol.

Cunningham said Stokes began to abuse him after he refused them entry.

Mr. Spure then said he identified Mr. Stokes to police who then arrested him, the court heard.

Mr Stokes, the hero of England's victory over India on Saturday, is accused of having lost control during a fracas in which he punched Mr Hale, 27, and fractured the eye socket of Ryan Ali, 28. 'Ryan Hale returns with what appears to be a metal pole with a T-bar on it, as described by (witness) Lauren Sweeney, ' the officer said. Stokes denies taunting them, telling police they "thanked me for preventing them from being beaten up".

The prosecution has described Barry and O'Connor as two "flamboyant, extrovert and openly gay" regulars at Mbargo.

"They are quite effeminate guys and their voices are different". I struck Ryan Ali with my right hand just after he had delivered the blow on Kai and as he came at me with the bottle and had it raised. Hales asked Cunningham what happened and then told his mate, "Stokesy - don't do that".

Stokes' lawyer Gordon Cole said Barry and O'Connor had been "taking the mickey" out of Stokes' shoes.

On Tuesday it was claimed Alex Hales, who was never charged, kicked Ali three times outside the club, and that Mr Barry and Mr O'Connor had poked fun at Stokes' gold-encrusted trainers.

"It presents a picture of four people together".

The CCTV shows Barry walk away from Ali but then return.

Doorman Cunningham suggested the cricketers "were laughing and joking at them, not with them", adding that Stokes "didn't seem drunk".

Mr Ali and Mr Hale have also pleaded not guilty to affray and are on trial alongside the cricketer.

Police detective constable Daniel Adams was also questioned, agreeing that footage showed Ali and his friend Hale holding bottles.

Jurors also viewed a video of the fight taken by student Max Wilson from his bedroom window who thought he was watching "football hooligans".

The trial before Judge Peter Blair QC, the Recorder of Bristol, is expected to last between five and seven days in courtroom one.