One Dead in Trader Joe's Hostage Standoff

One Dead in Trader Joe's Hostage Standoff

Atkins was booked Sunday on suspicion of murder after an employee was killed as he ran into the supermarket, police said.

Police said they used the car's LoJack system to track the vehicle, and then got into a gunfight with the man when they tried to pull the auto over.

"Inside the store, a young woman was shot and killed", said LA's chief of police, Michel Moore.

The Los Angeles Police Department reported that the suspect had allegedly shot his grandmother seven times at a home on 32nd Street in the Newton area of South Los Angeles around 1:30 p.m.

"Our thoughts are with her family, and our Crew Members and customers who experienced this terrifying and unimaginable ordeal", the statement said. A makeshift memorial of flowers, candles and notes grew on the sidewalk outside of the store on Sunday.

Friend-Daniel says Saturday was the "saddest day in Trader Joe's history". A 12-year-old boy, a 41-year-old woman, a 70-year-old woman and an 81-year-old woman were all hospitalized with minor injuries and listed in fair condition, she said. She was never anyone but herself.

"He didn't seem right to me", Egland said.

Ms Egland said that Ms Madison "didn't want the girl over there anymore".

She has undergone multiple surgeries at a hospital.

"I was in the back room and all of a sudden I started to see customers spilling through the door going to the back room", he said.

Mayor Eric Garcetti congratulated police and firefighters for their work, adding: "The heroism that was shown today was second to none, and the teams that were able to respond, secure the perimeter and engage in conversation with the suspect no doubt saved lives today", he said.

In the span of a few hours, Gene Atkins had shot his grandmother, kidnapped his girlfriend and then led police on a wild chase from Hollywood to Silver Lake while shooting at officers from his auto, authorities said.

After talking with hostage negotiators, the suspect handcuffed himself and surrendered, police said.

As he heard gunfire, Sean Gerace, who was working in the back of the supermarket, grabbed several co-workers and the group made their way into an upstairs storage area.

Witness Devin Field said it appeared traffic prevented the suspect from escaping police when he crashed in front of the store.

'I grabbed an emergency ladder, barricaded the hallway, grabbed a weapon, put the ladder out the window and just tried to get the attention of the SWAT officer, ' Gerace told the television station. During the three-hour standoff, several people walked out of the store with their hands up.

During that shooting, the suspect crashed into a pole near the Trader Joe's in the 2700 block of Hyperion Avenue. Bail is set at $2 million. Police believe Corado was shot inside the store, possibly during this shootout.

"I look behind me and there were two police guys coming with heavy guns, then boom, boom, boom, boom, so I go into TJ's and I see this guy and he comes in", he said.