Families Belong Together march: Celebs, politicians, activists unite in LA

Families Belong Together march: Celebs, politicians, activists unite in LA

Hundreds of marches took place on 30 June, in locations ranging from immigrant-friendly cities such as Los Angeles and NY to conservative Appalachia and Wyoming under the banner Families Belong Together.

On Thursday, more than 1,000 female activists marched through Washington Thursday to protest the separation of children from their immigration parents at the US-Mexico border.

In Portland, Oregon, for example, several stay-at-home moms organised their first rally while caring for young kids.

"So I just got arrested with a group of, I don't know exactly how many, but over 500 women, at least 500 women, who took over the Center of the Heart Senate Building", she stated.

"This issue really affects so many families and it's so important, and this administration has really taken it to levels that we just can't stand for, even though it has a longer history in this country", Omeish said. But local organizers are shouldering on-the-ground planning, many of them women relying on informal networks established during worldwide women's marches on Trump's inauguration and its anniversary.

It is not the first such protest to take place, with almost 600 women arrested on Thursday during a sit-in at a US Senate building against the government's migration policy. The protest is timed with other protests nationwide and is also meant to oppose Trump's ban on travelers from certain Muslim-majority nations.

However, critics say the order did not address the issue of families already separated, with 2,342 children taken away from their parents between 5 May and 9 June alone.

Trump has backed away from the family separation policy amid bipartisan and worldwide uproar, and those marching Saturday demanded the government quickly reunite the families that were already divided.

The Trump administration has faced severe backlash in recent weeks over its "zero tolerance" immigration policy that seeks to prosecute all adults who cross the southern border illegally.

See the stream below for what's happening at protests across New Jersey and the United States.

Sharaf and co-organizer Erin Conroy are coordinating their efforts with immigrant advocacy groups. "As far as I'm concerned, this is a national emergency that we all need to be focused on right now".

Outside the White House, protesters waved "Families Belong Together" signs and chanted "Shame!" as religious leaders and activists urged the administration to be more welcoming of foreigners and to reunite families. This will go down as the biggest immigrant rights march in USA history.

The policy led to intense criticism in the United States and overseas, and Trump signed an executive order that would let children stay with their parents as they moved through the legal system, drawing renewed criticism. "There's nothing like a wounded animal", she said.

"As a nation and a people we can do better", Lewis said.

Courtney Malloy, 34, a lawyer, said it was important to show support for immigrants and that administration policies are "not America".