Danica Patrick Opens up About Aaron Rodgers Relationship

Danica Patrick Opens up About Aaron Rodgers Relationship

Sports and entertainment collide Wednesday night at the ESPYs, hosted by racing star Danica Patrick.

"I'm the biggest Packers fan", Patrick revealed Monday on "Jimmy Kimmel Live".

The 36-year-old former NASCAR star also hopes she'll make us laugh and cry: "There are the triumphant moments that are unbelievable, and then there are the sad losses".

She also revealed whether her man shares her passion for driving, as first reported by E!

They finally exchanged digits and have been together for less than a year.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is known for his personality, both on and off the field, which is why he was the flawless candidate to star in a video mockumentary with his girlfriend, Danica Patrick.

But no matter how hard Patrick tries to razz her fellow athletes, she, or anyone for that matter, will never, ever come close to topping the near-criminal performance of Norm McDonald way back in the 1998 ESPYs.

"He's amusing, he's very kind, he's thoughtful, he's super smart", Patrick said of Rodgers.

Appropriately called Me, Danica - Patrick played both parts, those of mother and daughter. He's one of the greatest basketball players of all time and now LeBron is the newest Los Angeles transplant. The awards recognize the best athletes in addition to the experiences and the best all-around members of the community.