'We are all Koreans!' Ecstatic Mexican fans mob embassy

'We are all Koreans!' Ecstatic Mexican fans mob embassy

"We want the players to recover mentally and physically (from this match)".

Mexican finance minister Jose Antonio Gonzalez Anaya also called his counterpart in Seoul to thank South Korea, Seoul's finance ministry said, promising to treat him to a meal at the next G20 finance ministers' meeting.

"Thank you so much, [Koreans] are awesome".

A post on Cilantro's watch party Facebook event page complete with a picture of the South Korean flag's center symbol pasted on the Mexican flag advertised the deal on social media.

The lone South Korean fan was tossed into the air, crowd surfed and was encircled by a crowd of absolutely bloody thrilled Mexicans. Arsene Wenger's example springs to mind, as he definitely departed Arsenal too late, while some might claim that Zinedine Zidane chose to resign from Real Madrid a bit too early.

Low added: "How do we go from here?"

Mexico football fans party at the Korean embassy in Mexico City. "It seemed the players came onto the pitch looking exhausted, mentally, physically", German fan Jorg Roth told Reuters TV.

As for their own team, the fans' disappointment was palpable.

Johan Lindblom, 47, a Mexico City-based businessman originally from Stockholm wearing a Sweden shirt was relieved that both teams had progressed.

Sweden, with their greater physicality, were on top, but Mexico were unsafe on the break.

The good will was extended around the world, including in Madrid, as Mexico earned a last 16 date with Brazil. Mexican fans mobbed Asian tourists, and TV footage showed one laughing Asian man being flung into the air and caught by the crowd.

"We didn't start in the best way".

"Those mediocre people who have never achieved anything in life will say that it's a miracle that we got through, but what we have achieved is important", he wrote on his Instagram page.