Hitman 2 Leaks Ahead of Its Upcoming Reveal by Warner Bros

Hitman 2 Leaks Ahead of Its Upcoming Reveal by Warner Bros

The official Hitman account tweeted out a little teaser yesterday, promising something to be revealed on June 7.

A logo for Hitman 2 popped up briefly on publisher Warner Bros.

Another tweet which sparked more excitement, this time from WB Games, pictured a race vehicle.

"One last crucial piece of evidence to prove that the new instalment is on the way was found on the WB Games" website.

The existence of a logo for Hitman 2 suggests that 6pm United Kingdom this Thursday we will see a sequel officially announced.

The Hitman franchise has seen a resurgence lately (after a not-especially-good movie), with its latest video game iteration earning praise so strong that it bolstered a move to the small screen. If this doesn't scream a new game then I don't know what will. Looks like Agent 47 will be doing murder in the pitlane this season.

Since 2016's Hitman reboot was brilliant, this is obviously great news, but the omission of the word "season" from that title raises questions about whether its episodic structure will return.

The official announcement is due at 6pm on Thursday, and the game will presumably be at E3 next week.