Only Syrian army should be on country's southern border - Russia

Only Syrian army should be on country's southern border - Russia

Furthermore, they said that Israel made clear to the Iranians they should not become involved in fighting close to the Israel-Syria ceasefire lines in the Golan and the Israel-Jordan border.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has reported Syrian army movements into the south and state media have reported leaflet drops on rebel-held areas there urging insurgents to accept government rule, two signs a military offensive may be coming.

It is understood that, for its part, Israel agreed to accept the return to the border of soldiers loyal to Assad'd regime; while Russian Federation will guarantee that no Iranian or Hezbollah forces return to the area.

Israel has raised the alarm about Iran's expanding clout in the seven-year conflict, calling on Monday for its arch-foe to be denied any military presence in Syria. And Tehran, which is closely allied with Syrian leader Assad and maintains a working relationship with Russian Federation, is laying the groundwork to develop a long-term presence in the country.

"Israel, no longer content to remain a bystander as Damascus's position improves, is now jockeying to reverse the deterioration of its strategic posture".

According to the report, Israel's Defense Ministry underlined Israel's view that the Iranian presence should be entirely eradicated from Syria, not only militarily and not only from the southern part of the country, but also from an economic standpoint as well.

"Yet Israel's hand is not so weak".

The unconfirmed report said the negotiations were conducted last weekend between Iran's ambassador to Jordan, who was in one hotel room in Amman with Iranian security personnel, while in the next room there were senior Israeli security officials, including the deputy head of the Mossad.

Meanwhile, Israel is meeting with USA officials to hammer out the details of a joint strategy for dealing with Iran's presence in the Middle East.

US National Security Adviser John Bolton will reportedly meet with his Israeli counterpart, Meir Ben-Shabat, in Washington on Tuesday to discuss a joint approach to Iran.

"Our position on Syria is clear", Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his parliamentary faction in broadcast remarks.

Lavrov also stated that non-Syrian military force should not be present at the border.