Michelle Wolf Speaks Out On White House Correspondents Dinner Controversy

Michelle Wolf Speaks Out On White House Correspondents Dinner Controversy

Comedians headlining those dinners were sharp and made fun of both the media and the Commander-in-Chief in a way that could induce laughs while not being so offensive and vulgar that C-SPAN actually cut off its radio broadcast, as was the case this year for the first time ever. And that pot of hot water is getting awfully crowded. "FAKE NEWS is alive and well and beautifully represented on Saturday night!" he added later.

Starker than any difference between Wolf and other comedians who performed at the White House correspondents' dinner is the difference between previous presidents' stoicism and Trump's strategic decision to use the dinner as an anti-media talking point.

The presence of a stand-up comic at the dinner has been a perpetual source of controversy, because every year there are a few boundary-pushing jokes that cause a brief hiccup of outrage among D.C. reporters who have an outsized affection for Beltway comity. It's called 'The Break, ' and based on what happened Saturday, you can be sure that it will be great.

Wolf responded on Twitter with, "Why are you guys making this about Sarah's looks?"

Being inconsistent about a perspective on consistency is peak 2018!

Wolf cause an uproar over the weekend among the dainty, pearl-clutching conservatives on Fox News, who suddenly developed a sense of decorum after exhibiting pin-drop silence on Trump's misogynistic, pussy-grabbing, sex-assaulting, porn-star bedding, wife cheating antics.

"Comedy isn't just about jokes".

Though the dinner is known for its barbed humor, critics complained that some of Wolf's jokes were too pointed - particularly those aimed at White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, who was seated on the dais. Kellyanne Conway, much like Sarah Huckabee Sanders, her job is to go out there as often as possible and lie to the American public, paint a happy face on this administration and convince us that it's not a raging dumpster fire that we can all clearly see happening behind her. The Aunt Lydia jibe was more likely a reference to Sanders' role than anything else.

"She burns facts and then she uses that ash to create a ideal smoky eye".

How amusing is it that the offence taken after the above joke was in relation to eye make-up and not from the accusation of burning facts? "Enough of elites mocking all of us", he said.

"This is the White House dinner celebrating free speech, you can't just say whatever you want!"

If bodyshaming is going to be an issue then at least be consistent with it. [That laughing would] make them look partisan or make them look like they're laughing at someone they shouldn't be laughing at.