Facebook's Messenger is helping brands dabble in AR

Facebook's Messenger is helping brands dabble in AR

Facebook views this as an extension of "visual messaging" that also includes emojis, of which it said people share nearly 1.7 billion a day, and animated GIFs, 18 billion of which were shared past year in Messenger. The new AR feature will help Facebook meet its goal of making Messenger more visual. We're excited to see how this enhances connections between people and the brands they love, while delivering business outcomes at scale. Users can use augmented reality lenses and effects while sharing photos, videos and stories.

At launch, the following brands will be launching AR effects for their Messenger experiences: ASUS, Kia, Nike, and Sephora. With Asus, you'll be able to get a deeper look at a phone's features, while Kia allows you to better see how the Kia Stinger looks up close, and even customize the car's features. That's why today we're also thrilled to announce that buyers and sellers in Marketplace will be able to communicate across languages with M suggestions for translations. Inclusion of Facebook's AI assistant M will make both speakers smart, enabling them to take on Google Home, Amazon Echo, and other similar devices. At launch, translations from English to Spanish (and vice-versa) will be available in Marketplace conversations taking place in the US.

Facebook says it also plans on expanding the feature to Messenger users in the coming weeks - so keep an eye out for it. Facebook partnered up with Sketchfab, which provides a library of models you can download and use in your own projects.

Other new capabilities include new tracking capabilities (body tracking, hand tracking and high-fidelity face tracking), as well as background segmentation to separate people from their background.

The filter platform will operate a little differently on Instagram where people will be exposed to user-designed filters based on the accounts that they follow.