Clash between Police Officers and Inmates at Mobile Brigade Headquarters

Clash between Police Officers and Inmates at Mobile Brigade Headquarters

The prison houses a large number of militant inmates.

A riot inside a high-security detention center outside Indonesia's capital, which includes holding areas for terrorism suspects, stretched for hours into Wednesday afternoon, officials said, and the media arm for the Islamic State claimed its loyalists were holding hostages there.

Muhammad Iqbal, National Police Spokesman, told reporters that the clash was started by a trivial matter related to food from families.

Iqbal said an inmate was fatally shot after grabbing weapons and threatening officers.

The deadly riot broke out late Tuesday at the facility inside the Mobile Police Brigade headquarters in Depok on the outskirts of Jakarta. A counterterrorism investigator said four police officers were wounded and were being treated at a hospital.

It claimed that 10 counter-terrorism counter officers have been killed.

Mr Iqbal said a dispute had broken out with prisoners who objected to authorities making checks on food being brought into them. "To prevent things from getting worse, we're going to keep negotiating so we don't have to go to the last resort", he added, without elaborating.

Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation, has carried out a sustained crackdown on Islamic militants since the 2002 Bali bombings by the Jemaah Islamiyah network that killed 202 people, mostly foreigners.

The network was neutralised following the arrests of hundreds of its militants and leaders.

A news agency run by Islamic state group published a report stating that prisoners who were detained in the centre were from their group.

This high security detention center in Depok had been one of the targets of Islamic terrorists four days earlier.