Android P Beta is available for non-Google devices

Android P Beta is available for non-Google devices

Actions and slices, appearing in search, the launcher, Assistant and elsewhere will surface deep links and app content. Actions allow users to accomplish a task within the Assistant or search results.

Google Assistant will now book appointments on your behalf.

From developer tools to accommodating an iPhone X-like notch, to smart notification replies and a new method to navigate Android, Google's latest mobile operating system has a lot to offer.

"Thanks to our progress in language understanding, you'll soon be able to have a natural back-and-forth conversation with the Google Assistant without repeating "Hey Google" for each follow-up request", Pichai said.

Other changes are more immediate.

"The feature now learns how you set the brightness slider for the ambient light of your surroundings, and then adjusts the screen brightness according to your preferences". Obviously, I still need more time with it to see if this is good or not. Users can accept the completion by hitting the tab key. Although it's a great achievement in technology, especially in artificial intelligence, the similarities between the new Google digital assistant and a real human being raised ethical concerns.

"The are taking a very human approach to technology, and convincing you people can continue to rely on Google", Blau said. The changes are coming in the next two months. "Our core mission is to make information more useful, accessible and beneficial to all of society". Android P will come standard with a new feature called adaptive battery, which will conserve your phone battery life by predicting which apps you use often, and others you don't, by utilizing less CPU power.

Android P is the newest iteration of the Android OS, and it's shaping up to the the smartest one yet.

App actions feature can make a prediction based on usage patterns and the more you use the phone, the more feature will get even more accurate.

"Instead of making a phone call, the user simply interacts with the Google Assistant, and the call happens completely in the background without any user involvement", Google says.

Samsung is getting snubbed on some of these new features, at least for now. It's definitely not the Play Store you're probably used to, though: Google told us there are "thousands of apps" that have been pre-approved for use on in-car Android systems, though most of the ones I got to try were streaming services like Spotify and Deezer. Samsung has been developing its own similar feature called Bixby Vision.