Trump lashes out at New York Times over Michael Cohen coverage

Trump lashes out at New York Times over Michael Cohen coverage

The New York Times published an article suggesting Mr Trump had a history of mistreating Mr Cohen and that the lawyer would end up "flipping" and turning against him.

They conveyed a general concern that if confronted with the prospect of jail time - and with the White House seemingly distancing the president from his attorney - Cohen would not remain loyal to the man he once said he'd take a bullet for.

On Twitter, O'Brien argued Trump's posts are an indirect plea to Cohen to stay loyal.

But the president's attempt to defend Cohen was nothing short of a somewhat incoherent word salad that appears to be based on the belief that the media - not a judge or the judicial system - decides guilt or innocence.

Federal representatives raided Mr. Cohen's workplace and also hotelroom this month, grabbing a trove of business records, emails and other substances which include records related to a payment he manufactured in 20-16 to a pornographic actress who states she had a sensual experience with Mr. Trump, a claim he denies.

Prosecutors have said they're investigating Cohen's personal business dealings for fraud but haven't said what crime they believe he may have committed.

Haberman, too, responded, linking to the story that she said "seems to have touched a nerve". Cohen's lawyers have called the raid an assault on attorney-client privilege. He claimed he does not speak with her, even though he has granted her several interviews since taking office and posed with her for a photo in the Oval Office.

"Reporters can and should be open to criticism, and a contentious relationship between the press and the presidency is normal and healthy, but the sheer quantity of Trump's attacks on the media and his tendency to go after individual reporters showcase some deeply concerning priorities", said Alexandra Ellerbeck, CPJ's North America program coordinator.

In his Twitter rant, he continued to slam the Times' sources like Trump's informal political adviser, Roger Stone Jr. and former aide Sam Nunberg.

Haberman reports on the White House for the Times and has covered Trump since his days a businessman in NY.

In Manila in November, Mr. Trump laughed when the Philippines' dictator-like President Rodrigo Duterte called journalists "spies".

And why does the president seem to think the media controls the Federal Bureau of Investigation? Just look at how they're portraying him. "This has provided cover for repressive regimes to follow suit".