SpaceX's recycled rocket and spaceship deliver cargo to ISS

SpaceX's recycled rocket and spaceship deliver cargo to ISS

A variant of the Dragon spacecraft, called Crew Dragon, is being developed for USA - based crew transport to and from the space station.

The cargo included materials that ISS astronauts would use to conduct experiments on how human beings and plants behave in space, the agency said.

A British family's trip to see a SpaceX launch at Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Monday ended in tragedy when all four people were killed in a collision with another vehicle.

Looking forward to the remainder of April, a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket is scheduled to take flight on April 12 with an Air Force payload known as AFSPC-11; a Falcon 9 rocket will take NASA's planet-hunting TESS spacecraft to orbit on April 16; and another Falcon 9 is scheduled to launch Bangladesh's first geostationary satellite sometime in late April.

The company hopes the reusability of its rockets and spacecraft will drastically reduce the costs of space travel.

In conclusion, during the 14th mission SpaceX is handling for NASA, a pre-flown SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket has launched on Monday afternoon carrying 2,600 kg of foods and equipment to replenish the International Space Station resources.

Police said the Global Positioning System was instructing a "U-turn" at the intersection "most likely because of an earlier crash with road blockage on SR 407 - which was the original Global Positioning System route from the Space Center for their trip back to Davenport". This is NASA's 21st mission utilizing private companies. According to NASA, the PONDS design can accommodate a variety of plant types.

These events include sprites (faint flashes that occur high above thunderstorms); blue jets (lightning discharges from cloud tops near the stratosphere); and ELVES (concentric rings of light emissions that typically lasts for one millisecond).

The Metabolic Tracking investigation could help develop cheaper and more effective pharmaceuticals. Using a new method, NASA will test the metabolic impacts of drug compounds at the International Space Station.

The Canadian Space Agency's study "Bone Marrow Adipose Reaction: Red or White (MARROW)" will look at the effects of microgravity on bone marrow and the blood cells it produces - an effect likened to that of long-term bed rest on Earth.