School district to arm teachers with mini baseball bats

School district to arm teachers with mini baseball bats

For the Millcreek school district, the response was somewhere in the middle, Hall said.

But still, he told the Times, "I think a bat could disarm a pistol with a nice swing".

"Responding to the results of a recent survey about having an armed presence in all schools, we are confident that we can better secure our schools", Hall said in the April 3 statement.

All staff are required to wear visible IDs, Dietrich said, and at the secondary level all students are required to have them on their person.

Baker said it is crucial to set time aside for ourselves.

"It's not only to share with you, but for you to share your insights and concerns with us", he said. "This is disastrous for the idea of collaboration". That is not an underpaid teacher's responsibility.

Zahn said that giving teachers this opportunity to plan together was a roaring success at the elementary level. "Do students feel like they have someone they can talk to, that's a safe person?"

It's part of the Trojan Response plan - we're not making it up - which stands for: "Threat assessment", "Run", "Obstruct and barricade", "Join forces", "Attack", and "Never give up". "Perhaps the office will call and ask to send a student home per a parent's request, perhaps there's a behavior or health issue of a student during the specialist time, and many other scenarios where interruptions can happen".

Jon Cacchione, president of the Millcreek education union, said he supported the bats, according to Erie News Now, which first reported the news.

She said the bats are the size of souvenirs.

The Board of Education approved the "agreement between the district and the Local 200 United Service Employee International Union-AFL-CIO regarding employee discipline" at its March 15 meeting without further detail or public discussion. Other teachers, like Elizabeth Cordle, believe that the Dynamic Learning Project has helped them to be more adventurous in their teaching.

"It's not about the teachers - it's about the room".

"I could understand his point", Munson said. I want people to know that we're looking at everything.

"One of the most important things is a connection with adults in the building, so that's really what we've been working on building".

Allen said he hopes another funding measure can be passed this week, but even if schools don't see another dollar, he believes there is momentum that could impact the November elections. "I think it's time to challenge House leadership on the mess they have made". People are leaving nasty messages on the district's Facebook page. It is their job to make sure children are taken care of during the eight hours in the school day, but nowhere in the four years of undergrad or the standardized tests are they told they have to carry a gun to shape young children into their future selves. This mom is so pleased.