United States to seek social media details from all visa applicants

United States to seek social media details from all visa applicants

Ms. Vaughan said she wished the State Department had also requested information on the visitor application asking whether female travelers are intending to enter the us for the goal of having a child.

Kenyans planning to go to the United States will be required to submit their social media accounts' history for the past five years in a raft of new requirements by the Donald Trump administration. The department estimates it would affect 710,000 immigrant visa applicants and 14 million non-immigrant visa applicants.

He says it could be a tough ask for tired travellers to accurately front up with so much information.

It is an extension of efforts by the previous administration to more closely scrutinise social media after the San Bernardino terrorist attack. "I'm not sure that everyone could remember every site that they have in the last five years".

Multiple H-1B applications will lead to rejection of the petitions, afederal American agency has warned foreign workers, days ahead of the initiation of filing process for the non-immigrant visa, popular among Indian techies.

The notice also called for visa applicants to provide "used telephone numbers, email addresses, and global travel", information on whether the applicant had ever been deported from any country and to state if "family members have been involved in terrorist activities".

The new move is expected to affect almost 14 million visitors and about 700,000 migrants, said the department. However it should be noted that this isn't the first time that the United States has required visitors to provide some social media information. The administration has put an emphasis on "extreme vetting" of potential US immigrants. The request to obtain such information from visa applicants is subject to approval by the Office of Management and Budget.

While the documents were already posted on the Federal Register's website since yesterday, the 60-day public commenting period will only begin today as soon as the Friday's edition of the documents have been published.

In addition, visitors travelling on diplomatic and official visas will mostly be exempted.

The social media platforms covered in the proposal include US-based entities such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit and YouTube.