'Bumped' passenger gets $10000 travel voucher from United

'Bumped' passenger gets $10000 travel voucher from United

An angry United Airlines passenger who was bumped from a flight Thursday finagled her way to a $10,000 flight voucher, according to a report.

"United is offering $1K in travel credit for an oversold flight".

Then this: "I AM THE LOWEST FARE PASSENGER", Preiss tweeted. "They are kicking me off this flight", she posted.

Preiss was bumped because no one volunteered to give up their seat and she paid the lowest fare for the full flight, USA Today reported.

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The agents raised the offer for volunteers one more time, to a $2,000 voucher, but when no one responded, Preiss was stopped from boarding the plane. She was at first offered a $1,000 travel voucher, but it was bumped up to $10,000 when she asked for a cash refund.

"This is how badly United didn't want to give me cash", she wrote above what appears to be a photo of her $10,000 voucher. They just offered me $10,000 in travel credit.

A spokesman for United Airlines confirmed Friday that a passenger got the big voucher "per our company policy". "TEN THOUSAND", she said in another tweet.

"If you've got a picture of the dog on the create, they're not going to put a poodle in a German shepherd's kennel", she said.

The changes were made after the airline faced a huge negative PR crisis after its crew dragged off a bloodied passenger off an overbooked flight to make seat for a crew member.