What's New in PS4 Update 5.50, All the Changes

What's New in PS4 Update 5.50, All the Changes

Whether you're taking part in the beta programme or not, we wanted to give you a first look at some of the features you can expect in this update.

The update introduces a new family Play Time Management feature, the ability to upload custom wallpapers via USB, enhancements to notifications and the Quick Menu, and more. Some games already feautre this, however, this mode will be of a benefit to 4K enhanced games that do not have supersampling. Supersampling is the act of rendering a game at higher resolutions and downsampling the image to a lower resolution. The feature will downscale some, but not all games to match the capabilities of the connected HDTV (i.e. 1080p or less), allowing PS4 Pro players who haven't upgraded their TV to see an improvement to image clarity. It now includes two new tabs with the "This PS4" tab, and the "PS Plus" tab. This also shows which friends are now online.

A third PlayStation Plus tab will also be added to the Library to help you keep track of which of the free monthly games you've downloaded.

Following on from this, there's a new function that lets you hide certain apps under the purchased tab in the Library.

Other improvements include further options for the PlayStation 4 Quick Menu, including volume controls for music and some friends list changes. Available in March in U.S and Canadian retail stores, you will get to pick up Midnight Blue and Steel Black. On the Media Player or the USB Music Player, Triangle works as the shortcut for play or pause.

Users will be able to permanently remove old notifications from their PS4 - for better organisation and management.

You can also import your own custom wallpapers via a USB stick, and in the near future, customise your Tournaments team page. You can zoom and crop the image before saving it as your background, so no need to fiddle with dimensions or resolution beforehand. Simply head to Settings Select Theme Custom Select Image USB Storage Device. This new feature will come under the console's parental controls and will allow Family Manager profiles to set limits on when their children can play and how long they're able to do so. Under Setting Family Management, you'll see options to manage playtime for each day. Guardians can also extend the allowed game time through their phones or on PC, by logging into their PlayStation accounts.

The holiday quarter was pretty big for the PlayStation 4: Sony affirms that strong hardware and software sales drove up its Games and Network Services segment sales by 16% year-over-year, and that it shipped 9 million PS4s during the season, or more than both of its previous quarterly shipments combined.