Jamie Dornan teases Dakota Johnson over her busy love life

Jamie Dornan teases Dakota Johnson over her busy love life

The Northern Irish actor reprises his role as Christian Grey in the final installment of the movie trilogy, based on the raunchy novel of the same name by E. L. James, with Dakota Johnson again appearing as his love interest Anastasia Steele.

"This is going to sound bad, but it's nearly like brother-sister".

"We just... cos I am married, she's had quite a lot of relationships in the time we've known each-other... so that's happening in our own lives". "I panic. I just don't know how to respond because I'm not like him (Christian Grey)", he explains.

Jamie Dornan's wife Amelia Warner hasn't watched him in any of the Fifty Shades Of Grey films.

"They [the producers] try to keep it only whoever really needs to be in there, like me".

If you've never heard of a "wee-bag" before, please allow Jamie Dornan to introduce it to you. "That's the expression I say".

Speaking of the sex scenes, the 35-year-old then proceeds to open up about the "wee-bag" he wears while filming to cover up his, you know, junk. "I wear quite a big bag!", Jamie joked about the pouch. "I wear this huge travel case and sort of stuff everything inside". "There was a selection of them for me and I picked one", he explained.

Instead, the studio provides one for him, but it's not brand new. "I mean I'd love to get to the stage where you have your own one that you carry around", he said.

"And I was like, 'Shit, this has been used before?' and when you picture the guy playing inmate number three in a movie in your head, it's not... I don't know. It's not sexy!"