Partial government shutdown looms amidst Republican dogfight

Partial government shutdown looms amidst Republican dogfight

Mick Mulvaney, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, called the looming government shutdown the "Schumer Shutdown", named after Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

If no spending deal is reached by Friday night, government agencies will begin shutting down, though the real impact won't be felt until Monday.

Like the bus in "Speed", the federal government is barreling toward a shutdown at full throttle. It lasted for 16 days.

Reed said if there's another shutdown, Washington will be able to access revenues from local taxes.

The NSA wouldn't specify how a shutdown might affect its cybersecurity operations, but said that its work would continue. School lunches, SNAP and WIC School breakfasts and lunches funded by the federal government would not be affected. Too many Americans-veterans, seniors, and other hardworking people rely on services provided by the federal government.

Yes, many federal institutions will be closed and hundreds of thousands of employees will be furloughed, but not everything is completely closed, and the lights stay on at the Capital. Others had, but only very recently. "The National Mall is operated by the National Park Service and there are many other National Service Park properties throughout Washington, DC ... we will step in and ensure litter and trash are picked up along the National Mall to keep nation's front yard clean of debris". Our borders will be secure, but they won't get paid. Under its shutdown contingency plan, about 95,000 of the department's nearly 115,000 staff would keep working. "There's a big difference between having a document that says, 'Open in case of emergency, ' and being able to do it appropriately". Earlier "shutdowns" did not always entail an actual stop to government functioning and often were simply funding gaps will little real-world effect.

After 2013's shutdown, federal workers received back pay. The majority of USA businesses have budgets, as many individuals do, and follow them strictly.

Pretty much all essential services will continue and you may not see a disruption at all, even if employees of those services won't be paid during the shutdown process.

TRUST PROBLEMS Sen. Jeff Flake, above has questioned the reliability of any agreement with President Trump
Jeff Flake, above has questioned the reliability of any agreement with President Trump

What parts of the government stopped functioning? Even the temporarily laid-off employees are likely to get retroactive pay, which totaled about $24 billion in 2013, Standard & Poor's the financial analysts, reported at the time. Some 280,000 workers were furloughed until a resolution was met on January 6 1996.

"This time there has been literally nothing", the employee said. Still, there are a lot of politicians who are posturing about how they will vote on this one.

Poppe said he's frustrated at the idea of another shutdown. For example, veterans' hospitals usually remain open.

Stier's group looks at more than 600 government jobs that require Senate confirmation.

But, Poppe said, if a shutdown stretched for a month or more, that could cause more of a hardship.

"I think it passes", Republican Study Committee Chairman Mark Walker, (R-North Carolina), told reporters on Wednesday. The USDA's website went dark and linked to a page explaining the shutdown. "This legislation is created to shield civil servants, who need to support their families, from the disastrous effects of Congress' failure to agree on a budget measure". They're getting used to shutdown threats, and there is nothing they can do about the current mess.

In fact, if the Congress fails to fund the government and it shuts down - which it has done 12 times since 1981 - most federal employees are still required to come to work because they are responsible for "essential" tasks. Members of Congress would continue to collect their paychecks.