Google adds more personalization options to its Ads Settings tool

Google adds more personalization options to its Ads Settings tool

Since 2012, meanwhile, Google has allowed people to block specific ads they don't want to see; past year alone, user recommendations prompted Google to remove 1 million ads from its ad network. Starting today, Google will now mute a particular ad across all devices that use the same Google account. According to Google, the company has received "more than 5 billion pieces of feedback" via this tool, prompting them to pull roughly one million ads from their network thus far.

Reminder ads are pop-ups, prompting you to buy something, and are most likely to show up if you've recently looked up something in an e-shop.

Google plans to expand the feature to its other services, such as YouTube, Search and Gmail, in the coming months. Now, you can head into Ad Settings and mute certain reminder ads, preventing them from popping up in front of you again.

Users keep on seeing the ads - typically known as "reminder ads" - of the items that they ordered or browsed in the recent past. With the new feature, Google users will be able to mute the reminder ads. Once the user adjusts the required settings, the reminder ads would be removed from the company's entire domain, notes VentureBeat.

In a blog post, explaining the use of the new feature, Jon Krafcik, a Google products manager for data privacy and transparency, said, "Reminder ads like these can be useful, but if you aren't shopping for Snow Boot Co.'s boots anymore, then you don't need a reminder about them".

The second change involves the "Mute This Ad" functionality as a whole.

These so-called reminder ads now can be muted in apps and on websites that partner with Google. It was a win-win, Google got to increase the effectiveness of its advertising, and you got to ensure (within limits) that they were a bit more useful. Based on their preferences, a user can choose to mute the ads and keep others running.

To mute, sign into your Goggle Account, go to Ads Settings, scroll down to "Your reminder ads", and click or tap the X next to the advertisers whose reminder ads you'd like to remove.

Google's new feature does not come as good news for advertisers.