WWE Wrestler Rich Swann suspended following arrest in Gainesville

WWE Wrestler Rich Swann suspended following arrest in Gainesville

WWE champ Rich Swann was arrested this weekend for allegedly battering and falsely imprisoning his wife - who's also a pro wrestler - and now he's suspended.

Authorities said Riggs was anxious the argument would escalate, so she left the vehicle in the middle of traffic and began walking away. When arrested, Swann told police that she got in the vehicle on her own. He gave chase to his wife and yelled for her to "get back in the auto", police said in the arrest warrant.

After the arrest, Swann said he never physically touched her, saying they were just trying to get home and she had the phone with the Global Positioning System.

The Associated Press has reported that World Wrestling Entertainment has suspended wrestler Rich Swann following his arrest on battery and false imprisonment charges in Florida. The auto would hit a telephone pole on the corner of NE 15th street and E University Avenue. After a show Riggs performed at in Gainesville, the report says Swann was getting angry with Riggs after making remarks on her performance.

A witness allegedly observed this and saw Swann "shove her back in the vehicle while she screamed for help", the arrest document said. You can see the full police report below from the Gainesville Police Twitter.

That's when Swann grabbed Riggs by the arm and put his arm around her neck, police said. She said she tried to escape him because she feared the argument blowing up into a physical confrontation.

Per Gagnon, he was scheduled to face Drew Gulak with the top contender spot and a match against Enzo Amore on the line. He is also being charged with Battery, which is a first degree misdemeanor that is punishable with up to one year in jail or 12 months probation and a $1,000 fine if convicted. The WWE announced in a statement this morning that Swann has been suspended indefinitely. WWE did the right thing by suspending Swann right away.