Vivo to Be First Smartphone Maker With Synaptics' In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

Vivo to Be First Smartphone Maker With Synaptics' In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

Whether your finger is dry, wet, hot, cold, etc., the under-display CMOS image sensor utilizes the display to light up your fingerprint, capture an image of it, then unlocks your device. Vivo might not be a known name in Western countries but it has emerged as a top-notch brand with quality phones in Asia. Placing the fingerprint sensor on the rear is vaguely generic. Forbes has a write-up of what it's like to use an in-display fingerprint reader on a pre-production Vivo-branded smartphone, saying that it's simple to use and fast in its response time.

Vivo aims to beat both companies to the punch with its new "Clear ID" fingerprint scanner. He had to press the power button to wake up the phone, post which a fingerprint image illuminated at the bottom of the phone. It's the reason we're seeing Face ID on the iPhone X and this horribly placed fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S8 and Note 8.

While there are various rumours of who would be launched the under-display fingerprint sensor first, a recent report by Forbes claims that it would be Vivo which will introduce the first smartphone with an in-display fingerprint sensor.

While this is slightly different from how we unlock our phones now, Moorhead expects Vivo to improve the experience by only requiring users to lift to wake the device, so at that point, they can just place their finger on the glass to unlock it, without the need to press any other buttons. However, Moorhead seemed to have cleared the air confirming it is going to be vivo smartphone instead. This is clearly setting a path for more smartphones to come with an "all-screen" design that integrates the fingerprint scanner with the display.

Synaptics calls its solution Clear ID, and Vivo has been a prominent public advocate for in-screen fingerprint recognition dating back to the summer when the phone maker previewed the technology.

Apple reportedly tried to put the feature into its $999/£999 iPhone X but didn't have the tech ready in time.

2018 certainly looks to be the year of the hidden fingerprint scanner, and I can't help but wonder how Face ID will be viewed once Clear ID is established. Vivo fell one position in Q2 but, thanks to its success in India, is expected to quickly regain a top five position.