Roy Moore Blames LGBTQ People And Socialists for Plotting His Ruin

Roy Moore Blames LGBTQ People And Socialists for Plotting His Ruin

A number of other women have come forward to say that he had pursued them when he was in his 30s and they were teenagers.

Why this matters: If Jones can not maintain Democrat fervor for more than two weeks and continue to suppress potential Moore voters, he stands very little chance of defeating the Republican candidate one-on-one.

The women accuse Moore of making several unwanted phone calls in an attempt to solicit a romantic relationship, as well as inappropriately touching and kissing them. "You got this judge!"

Many prominent figures from both sides of the political spectrum publicly denounced Moore, including Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and current House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan.

Graduate student Emily Malone said it is too soon to draw any conclusions.

"Who are they? They're liberals. But I do know the that likelihood [is high] that there's going to be a vacancy sometime during President Trump's term and Senator Moore's [potential] term", he continues, "and we would much rather have someone supporting the nominee of President Trump as opposed to having someone. fighting to deny Donald Trump his choice for the Supreme Court".

Graduate student Todd Erickson said he agrees with this decision.

Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore says liberals, socialists, and members of the LGBT community are pushing a narrative of sexual misconduct accusations against him, BuzzFeed News reports. Trump's press secretary said his schedule will not allow it.

Alabama's special election is set for December 12.

Alabama voters go to the polls on December 12 to replace Jeff Sessions, who is now the USA attorney general. "If that happens, then all eyes really need to be focused on very clearly that this race is so important".

Kayla Moore, Roy Moore's wife, confirmed this in a statement she issued November 17. He said his family felt awful about the allegations.