Parking dispute leads to stabbing, vehicle into crowd

Parking dispute leads to stabbing, vehicle into crowd

Police said there was a dispute before the man drove into the pedestrians.

Witnesses said a group of people left a bar in Richmond Hill just before 4:30 a.m. when they spotted a man beating up another man on a sidewalk.

"I saw a couple of kids, just fighting", said Milagros Urbina, who lives near the scene.

A New York Police Department detective said terrorism is not suspected, The Associated Press reported.

The reasons behind the incident are still unknown, as the search for the suspect who reportedly drove a white Hyundai Sonata is now underway. "There was screaming before the vehicle started driving, by the sidewalk". They were screaming, it was insane.

One of the injured is in critical condition and four others are stable, authorities said.

Police did not immediately provide a description of the driver that fled.

One person was killed and three others were taken to local hospitals.

Ozzie Rogers, who witnessed the incident, told the New York Daily News that he saw the vehicle go at least 50 miles per hour on the sidewalk.

The stabbing victims were in stable condition. Police are looking for a white sedan in connection with the crash.

The investigation was ongoing early Sunday.