Carrie Fisher's daughter pays tribute to her

Carrie Fisher's daughter pays tribute to her

With the release of The Last Jedi, it's more like once every 20 seconds, because every single newsfeed is clogged with Star Wars items. More specifically, the film is dedicated to her. The last fans caught of Leia was in the final scene, during which she reassures Rey (Daisy Ridley) that the Resistance can be rebuilt even with a small number of Rebels on hand, because that's all they need to rise again. Gary is very devoted to me and that calms me down.

Todd Fisher, younger brother of the late "Star Wars" actress, was among guests who paid tribute to Carrie as a memorial plaque was installed at the iconic cinema in Los Angeles on Thursday. I kind of looked through the footage.

The late @carrieffisher's dog Gary just watched #TheLastJedi!

The mother and daughter starred in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" back in 2015, and now Fisher's last movie, "Star Wars: The Last Jedi", premiered in theaters on Friday. For all of those reasons I felt really strongly that we had to let this fly. "Luckily, we have a fantastic storyteller in J.J. Abrams, who is going to figure out a way to bring it home in the end". "With this movie I just wanted audiences to have this performance".

Instead, as we've written elsewhere, the new movie acknowledges Fisher's death in a sweeter, subtler way in a special message displayed at the end of the adventure: "In loving memory of our Princess, Carrie Fisher".

Lourd lost both her mother and grandmother, Debbie Reynolds, within one day of each other previous year. Thankfully for Johnson, he can rest easy that he did Fisher and the character the best justice he could considering such devastating circumstances.