2 students shot near Washington high school, police say

2 students shot near Washington high school, police say

Two suspects have been arrested following the shooting of two students outside a high school in Graham, Washington.

Doug Boyles, a spokesperson from the Bethel School District, confirmed that two victims are Graham-Kapowsin High School students, but didn't have more information. The victims ran to the high school after being shot. One student was found in a parking lot near the football field, while another student was found shot in a locker room, the sheriff's office tweeted Tuesday.

All other students were safe and being reunited with family.

Pierce County Sheriff's Deputies patted down students and searched backpacks and other belongings before releasing them from the school.

Troyer told Seattle Times the students who were present at school remained with the deputies until the danger cleared.

"Pretty scary. You never think it's going to happen at the school your children go to, and then you get a text from your child that says there's a shooting at the school, we're locked down", said parent Jolee Caroucher.

There was no immediate word on the students' conditions, but officials say both were taken to Tacoma General Hospital.

Pierce County Sheriff's Department spokesman Ed Troyer said it was not believed the suspects were from the area.

Deputies who responded to the scene checked the school's grounds and found no signs any suspects were there.

The shooting suspect fled the scene in a green vehicle that might be a Chevrolet Impala, police said. The Sheriff's Department says the shots were reportedly fired on the Eustis Hunt Road side of the campus, which is the northwest end of the school's property.

Graham-Kapowsin, Frontier Middle School and Nelson and Graham elementary schools were all put on lockdown on Tuesday afternoon, and parents in the district were sent an email notification about the incident. The Bethel School District confirmed via a tweet the victims shot were indeed students from the school.