Apple acquires VRvana, heating up new AR headset rumors

Apple acquires VRvana, heating up new AR headset rumors

Below Vrvana executives talk up the AR capabilities of their headset which probably caught Apple's attention. It is likely its tech will be rolled into whatever AR headset Apple may be working on, likely bringing in some of Cupertino's refined design skills to the rather clunky designs of AR and VR headsets now out in the wild.

The startup might not be one of the industry's biggest names, but its prototype Totem mixed reality headset has been praised by those who've tried it. Cancelled in the final week, Vrvana didn't disappear, instead it has been quietly working away on a mixed reality (MR) device of the same name.

Speaking to Apple's growing interest in augmented reality, a new report from several sources familiar with the matter reported that Apple recently paid about $30 million for Vrvana. TechCrunch has an excellent record on announcing Apple acquisitions. This acquisition is perhaps the clearest indicator yet of what the company is hoping to develop. Some of Vrvana's employee's have already joined Apple, and it has already stopped updating it social accounts as of August. The device retains the inside-out tracking with headset-mounted cameras, but also uses these cameras as a passthrough to show the real world inside the headset and then project virtual images on the screen to augment reality. Well, the company's headset used a camera-based approach to augmented reality, differing from the likes of Microsoft's Hololens, which utilizes a projection-based display.

Below is a video covering a technical presentation from Vrvana from the Tools & Products Track at AWE USA 2017 - the largest conference for AR+VR in Santa Clara, California May 31- June 2, 2017.