A Brawl Breaks Out During A Black Friday Event

A Brawl Breaks Out During A Black Friday Event

He tells us the fight was personal in nature.

No arrests were made.

One fight, which occurred near the mall's Buckle location was not related to Black Friday sales, according to a news release from the Hoover Police Department.

Black Friday is living up to its reputation as the most risky shopping day of the year.

The Black Friday 2017 brawl ended up hurting other shoppers.

Multiple women can be seen in a tussle with a police officer, with others being pinned to the ground by store employees.

Police say the man who fired the gun allegedly did so after trying to place the gun in its holster while sitting in a vehicle with another man, whom he reportedly knew.

Additionally, a man in Columbia (Mo.) is being treated for a gunshot wound after being shot in the parking lot of a local mall.

Watch video of the Hoover, AL brawl above, via Claire Huddleston. Mall security had to call Hoover police to intervene.

Another video showed a Black Friday fight at KMart, where a shopper attacked an employee, throwing the man to the down and reportedly shattering his hip. New York Daily News reports that the reason for the shooting is unclear.

A woman who appeared to be with the attacker claimed that the employee was the one who provoked the fight.

There's now no information on any injuries or arrest from the fights.