Speaker Assistant to Ship to Devices as Early as October 19?

Speaker Assistant to Ship to Devices as Early as October 19?

The Google Home Mini incorporates the same Google Assistant.

Google may have been trying to put a lid on their mini version of the Google Home speaker as a surprise for their event on Wednesday, Oct. 4.

Google also introduced a speaker with the list of products announced.

Google Home Mini review: What's so special?

Pre-orders for the Home Max open on November 13.

Alongside the launches of the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL, Google has also announced, as expected and heavily rumoured, a smaller Google Home speaker under the branding of "Google Home Mini". It can sit in either vertical or horizontal orientation, and it comes in both "chalk" and 'charcoal'. It runs the same Google Assistant software that the original Google Home and Google Pixel phones use, meaning it personalizes answers to many of your questions. The price-tag is softened somewhat by 12-month of free access to YouTube Red, meaning your ad-free streaming subscription is covered for the year.

But at least now they can whine at the Google device instead of you.

Google Home Max takes a diametrically opposite approach to the Home Mini, and is significantly larger while being geared towards better music playback.

Much of what was in the rumour mill was true, including the three colour options and the fabric cover use. Taking on Apple's Home Pod and Sonos, the Google Home Max is a stereo smart speaker focusing on audio fidelity.

The Home Max will go on sale in December - just as Apple has said of its competing HomePod - and it will cost $399, a little more than the $349 Apple smart speaker, which is powered by Siri. It also supports "Voice Match" technology, which recognises different voices of users and shows customised results. Google Home Max will support a number of music streaming services. Google Home also offers calling capabilities in the USA, and it will launch that feature later this year in the UK.

Excited for Google Home's new and revamped features?

The small, square device, called Google Clips, can be attached to a stationary object so it can capture images of everything within its range of view.