Saudi Arabia's Newest Citizen Is a Robot

Saudi Arabia's Newest Citizen Is a Robot

"We just learnt, Sophia; I hope you are listening to me, you have been awarded the first Saudi citizenship for a robot".

Sophia, the artificially intelligent and human-looking robot developed by Hong Kong company Hanston Robotics, went on stage at the Future Investment Initiative on Thursday where she herself announced her unique status. "Treat me as a smart input output system".

Musk is not one to shy away from confrontation on artificial intelligence.

Elon Musk has since responded to Sophia's dig, tweeting: 'Just feed it The Godfather movies as input. What's the worst that could happen?

Musk is known for warning people about the dangers of artificial intelligence and improving it without regulation. Sophia cleverly responded by asking him how he knows he is human.

When she was asked if robots could ever know they were robots, she replied: "Well, let me ask you this back - how do you know you're human?".

But the government has also given no indication that Sophia is not a citizen.

"I want to live and work with humans ... and build trust with people", Sophia said.

Saudi experts pointed out that the robot has more privileges than actual living Saudi women. The robot appeared to unintentionally threaten our species while it was at the Austin festival South by Southwest a year ago.

The robots are being created to help in healthcare, therapy, education and customer service, according to founder Dr David Hanson, a former Disney "imagineer".

Sophia wants to get involved in designing smarter homes and building better cities for the future.

US law has long recognized that corporations, trusts, and other similar inanimate and even intangible objects can have legal rights, and can even be regarded as "persons" under certain circumstances.

Perhaps citizenship will be a step forward for the humanoid on that front.

The Saudi kingdom made the announcement of granting her citizenship at the Future Investment Initiative conference.

Sophia had all the right answers, and she followed nearly all of them with the most cringy smile you've seen.

Some Twitter users complained that "Sophia has no guardian, doesn't wear an abaya or cover up - how come?"