Risky driving behaviors to address with your teen

Risky driving behaviors to address with your teen

What's not so encouraging, however, is that even though highway fatalities continue to fall nationally, distracted driving remains a potentially deadly problem for both teens and adults. "It is important that we equip them with the right knowledge and provide them with the rules that will ensure they stay safe on the road", said New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety Acting Director Gary Poedubicky.

The program increases the amount of time teens are required to spend in gaining experience behind the wheel under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

"When I first assembled the Teen Driver Safety Task Force, we knew we faced a hard task", Secretary of State Jesse White said.

Every 15 Minutes focuses on high school juniors and seniors, challenging them to think about drinking, driving, personal safety, the responsibility of making mature decisions, and the impact their decisions have on family, friends, and many others. 166 teens were involved in fatal auto crashes in 2005 compared to 117 in 2015. The CHP has released a mobile application (app) for Start Smart, created to assist young people through the process of obtaining their California driver license. Share the Keys is a research-based driver education initiative created to provide the parents of teen drivers with the tools and resources they need to build and reinforce safe driving habits. Despite not being legally allowed to buy alcohol, nearly one out of five teen drivers involved in fatal crashes had been drinking, according to 2015 data from the NHTSA. "It will take a holistic approach that combines education, experiential learning, and enforcement to change the driving culture to one that is distraction-free".

The Goleta PD is aware of the importance of role models in a youth's development. Ask your teen not to text while they're driving and to limit other distractions, such as eating, fiddling with controls, or talking to passengers.

"With traffic deaths in Virginia having dramatically spiked this year in comparison to 2016, this multi-state operation could not come at a more critical time", said Colonel W. Steven Flaherty, Virginia State Police Superintendent. However, with all of these activities, teens tend to compromise something very important: sleep.

TxDOT says state and national laws are not doing enough to protect drivers who are new to the roads. "We need parents to set the rules before their teens hit the road", added Martinez.

In observation of National Teen Driver Safety Week, Michelin is teaming up with NFL great Emmitt Smith to encourage much-needed dialogue between parents and their teen drivers.