Apple Breaks Losing Streak In China With iPhone 8

Apple Breaks Losing Streak In China With iPhone 8

The battle for first place in the regional vendor chart was once again incredibly close and heated, but ultimately, Huawei stayed on top, while OPPO and Vivo clung on to their silver and bronze medals respectively.

The top five smartphone companies in the third-quarter in China took the massive chunk of the market.

For that quarter, Apple shipped roughly 11 million iPhone units in China, which was up 38% from the 8 million shipped during the same quarter past year. What's more, we are presently at the pinnacle time of its sales where it has just propelled three heavenly gadgets i.e. iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Everyone's eyes are on iPhone X, individuals couldn't care less how costly it is.

According to UK-based research and analysis firm Canalys, the "Middle Kingdom" was responsible for 119 million unit shipments during Q3 2017, a 5 percent lower score than the year before, but still nearly three times as much as India's latest quarterly tally.

Despite renewed momentum in smartphone sales, Canalys believes that Apple won't be able to carry this forward. "The high sales cater to pent-up demand of iPhone upgraders", said Jia Mo, Canalys' research analyst.

Keeping all in mind, Apple is expecting larger revenue in its last fiscal quarter. The response to the new iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus has been positive, and the Chinese audience is hyped for the iPhone X. Mr. Jia stated that even though the device would launch this week, the pricing structure and supply issues will restrain growth. However, warns the firm, that growth could be short-lived despite excitement about the iPhone X ... He added that the iPhone X would enjoy a healthy grey market status, but Apple's popularity is unlikely to be helped by it in the short term.

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