President Trump's DACA decision puts immigration fix in hands of Congress

President Trump's DACA decision puts immigration fix in hands of Congress

They were realizing the term that has been given to them - Dreamers.

President Barack Obama appealed their case to the US Congress but the Republican-controlled Congress did not act on proposals for major immigration reform - along with other Democratic Party initiatives. They also must have continuously resided in the USA since June 2007 without any felony or serious misdemeanor convictions and pose no threat to national security. DACA recipients are issued a temporary Social Security number and are able to obtain a driver's licence. DACA is set to expire in six months. Faith and Freedom Coalition chairman Ralph Reed posted a Twitter statement that said the executive order which created DACA was "illegal and unconstitutional".

On Tuesday, Sept, 5, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Trump administration would no longer accept new applications for DACA and dissolve the program completely by March 2018, erasing the legal status of current enrollees who will face possible deportation.

In fact, 15 states, including the District of Colombia, have chose to sue the US government in an effort to save DACA, saying the decision was based on the prejudice against Mexicans.

"Is it uncomfortable, unfortunate, is it sad?"

Trump has promised to be compassionate in dealing with DREAMers. "Every time you start down that road of mistakes, you're likely to end up with misfortune".

"Simply put, if we are to further our goal of strengthening the constitutional order and the rule of law in America, the Department of Justice can not defend this type of overreach", Sessions said. They have grown up in the United States, serve in the USA military, attend our finest colleges and universities, are employed by many respected companies and have distinguished themselves as good neighbors and members of our communities.

"Let's bring certainty to this issue - we don't treat children like adults, we don't charge children with trespass when they go across the neighbors lawn", Gardner told Fox 31. Researchers estimate that the end of DACA could result in a loss of $460.3 billion in GDP over the next decade; this corresponds with an estimated loss of $24.6 billion in payroll tax contributions to Social Security and Medicare. Don't punish the children due to their parents' choice.

"Most of all, it's wrong because it's cruel to send these young people to places many of them have never lived and do not know", Clinton said. Can it be more cruel than that? In an administration that's taken leaps and bounds protecting the borders, it's clear it would make no compromise for DACA recipients.