Watch Ted Crux Fall Apart When Asked About Disaster Relief Hypocrisy

Watch Ted Crux Fall Apart When Asked About Disaster Relief Hypocrisy

"We have a long road to recovery before us, but as always the Texas spirit of determination, generosity, and perseverance will guide us forward", Cruz said. Congress must act to keep the government running after its funding expires October 1, raise the government's borrowing limit and authorize new funding for children's health insurance, all at a time of flaring tensions between President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans. Democrats and Republicans were eager to promise full cooperation.

President Donald Trump told reporters Monday that the government would do whatever was needed to help fund the Harvey response, likely meaning a appropriation from Congress will be necessary.

"You're going to see very rapid action from Congress - certainly from the president", Trump said Monday.

These New York and New Jersey congressmen have called the group who voted against the $50.5 billion aid package the "Comeuppance Caucus", the Texas Tribune reports.

The hurricane and subsequent flooding has been described by government agencies as a "landmark" event, with the Federal Emergency Management Agency director saying he predicts the department will be working on relief and recovery efforts in Texas for "years" to come.

That wasn't lost on some of the New Yorkers who battled for money from Sandy.

Texas Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn voted against the final Sandy aid bill, as did several of that state's House members. NY wont abandon Texas.

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) was among the northeastern Republicans who were apoplectic when most of their GOP colleagues expressed reluctance to vote for Sandy aid.

The limited time frame is expected to complicate lawmakers' ability to find consensus on broad changes to the flood program, congressional aides said.

"It's not accurate that there were Republicans opposed to hurricane funding", he said. "It was simply politicians wasting money". "We were the disaster that was the longest in waiting in terms of federal aid, and I hope that's not what happens to the folks in Texas".

In fact, only about a third of that initial bill was for disaster relief.

Senior lawmakers are calling on Congress to provide emergency disaster relief for victims of Hurricane Harvey as images of flooded streets and homes highlighted the extent of the damage in Texas.

"If we start trying to hang other sorts of legislation on it, that's going to create a problem [and] it's something I'm going to fight against", Mr. Farenthold said on MSNBC.

Their votes are suddenly back in the spotlight, as lawmakers still on their summer recess sniped across social media.

They will need to pass a new funding bill to keep the government open beyond September 30 and raise the federal debt ceiling by the end of the month as well.

Trump has also threatened a government shutdown if Congress does not fund his proposed wall along the U.S. -Mexico border. I think this is separate.

One estimate, by Enki Research, already puts the Harvey damage at $42 billion.

After the House rejected a proposal to require disaster funding to be offset by cuts elsewhere in the budget, many Republicans voted against the package.