Rob Kardashian's Instagram shut down after he attacks ex-fiancee

Rob Kardashian's Instagram shut down after he attacks ex-fiancee

Anyone with an Internet connection Wednesday witnessed what probably would be the ultimate demise of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's on-again, off-again relationship. "I've been called a hoe, slut, b*tch, gold digger, wh*re, stripper, you name it". He claimed that Chyna had sent him the video on July 4 before sleeping with another man.

Earlier in the day, he posted explicit photos of Chyna on Instagram.

Representatives for Chyna and Kardashian did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Since then, there have been reports that Blac Chyna was considering legal action against her baby daddy.

Rob Kardashian Instagram account has since been deactivated but he continues his tirade on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon. Whether it be posting videos, text messages or even nude photos of his ex-fiancee, the youngest Kardashian woke up prepared to air his dirty laundry.

Shapiro said Kardashian could get in trouble whether Blac Chyna wants to pursue a case or not, though he said proving a criminal misdemeanor case without the victim's cooperation would be hard.

At one point during the feud, Rob said "she had a baby out of spite" to get back at Tyga, the father of her eldest child.

As Radar has reported, Chyna is reeling from baby daddy Rob Kardashian's massive social media meltdown yesterday.

Under California law, revenge porn is a crime, and Kardashian might be subject to charges, said another attorney People spoke with.

Instagram eventually suspended Kardashian's account, but that hasn't muted questions about whether Kardashian's posts qualify as "revenge porn", which has been illegal to distribute in California since 2013.

In the past, judges have handed out large sentences for revenge porn, with one man recently receiving 9 years.

According to Longe, the growing use of social media is causing more people to be unaware of the legal consequences their posts might have.